This is Peaches. Peaches is a jerk. He is a particularly ornery rooster that harassed me during a recent shoot with the band The Broken Prayers. I was told not to …

Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo

Spent the day with my good friend Topper at Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo. Managed to walk out of there without any ink.

A behind-the-scenes look at the location for the Missfires shoot on the mean streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Gotta work with what ya got.


A behind-the scenes shot of the setup for the portrait shoot of the wrestlers.

Some live shots at the Bronx Wrestling Federation match. Crazy stuff. These guys are gentlemen, but really turn it on when they get in the ring.

Dog Show

At the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with the supermodels of the dog world. Do some dogs tend to resemble their owners? Maybe it’s just me…